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September 23 th, 2010
Historical Grand Ball
9,30 p.m. Teatro Greco, Rome.INFO +39 392 2 800 800

Historical Grand Ball is a theatrical show in which the professional dancers of the National Historical Dance Company, dressed in wonderful costumes, perform Quadrilles, Country Dances, Waltzes, Mazurkas, Marches and Galop to the best-known music of Strauss, Verdi and other famous composers of that period.

The anectodes of the Master of Ceremonies introduce each choreographic moment, helping to recreate the atmosphere of
Gone with the wind, The Leopard, the Sissi Trilogy.

In the theatrical staging of the
Grand Ball, the dancing is interspersed with moving poetry chosen to appeal to the widest range of feelings in the audience: from the "debutante" to the "habitué", from aristocrats to bourgeoises, up to the military.



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